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On our website you can find all games from the Vex game series. This popular and addicting game is played by millions worldwide. And guess why? Because it’s so fun and challenging !

You have to help the “vex” stick figure reach the end of each level. Now, that sound easy , doesn’t it? Well, along the way you will encounter different obstacles. And believe me- some of them are very hard to eliminate. Each level and game from the series is unique. The challenges are very fun do “deal” with, but some of them are so frustrating! Let’s see if you can complete every game from the Vex game series.




The first Vex game became super popular in just few weeks. The following games (Vex 2 and Vex 3) were even better ! That’s why they are too played by so many people around the world. Luckily for you, on our website you can find All Vex games, We highly recommend starting with Vex 3. It’s very fun – and has a lot of new objects and levels. After you complete it – feel free to play Vex 2 and Vex 1 (the original version) as well.

Choose the desired Vex game and wait for about 30 seconds until the game fully loads. Then, click “Play Game” and start playing like a pro.

If you are having fun on our Vex fan sire, please share it with your friends. You can also comment and share your thoughts with other online players visiting our website.

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